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First ever report of radiotherapy access across the NHS

The world's first detailed ongoing analysis of a country's radiotherapy services has given some clues as to the reasons behind variations in treatment in England,...

Exploiting cancer's 'double agent' could lead to new treatments for bowel cancer

Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have discovered that the gene defects that cause some bowel cancers could become the targets for new personalised treatments. Their...

Alliance of translational research centres established to accelerate global drug development

Six of the world's top translational health research centres today announced that they have come together to form a new Global Alliance of Leading Drug Discovery and...

Gene offers clue to cause of oesophageal cancer

Scientists have discovered the gene behind a rare skin condition that predisposes to oesophageal cancer, according to a study part-funded by Cancer Research UK.

New radar imaging system could improve breast screening

Scientists at Bristol University have developed the world's first radar breast imaging system which is now being trialled by North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT).

GM hens lay cancer drug protein

UK scientists have developed genetically modified chickens that can lay eggs containing hard-to-generate proteins used to treat cancer.

Two HPV tests better than one for cervical screening

Doing the human papillomavirus (HPV) test twice with a short interval between tests would reduce the number of women having unnecessary treatment, new research shows.

Over a third of parents admit sunburn slip

Over a third of parents in Great Britain admit their child has been sunburnt, despite the majority knowing that over-exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer.

Audit reveals improvement in bowel cancer surgery care, but gaps remain

There have been improvements in the care of bowel cancer patients in England and Wales, although more still needs to be done if national recommendations are to be met.

England footballers donate match fees to Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK has welcomed the England football team's decision to donate part of their match fees to the charity.