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Scientists identify enzyme involved in breast tumour formation

Scientists have identified an enzyme that plays an important role in the formation of breast tumours.

New studies examine effect of PSA screening on prostate cancer death rates

Two studies published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine have examined the impact of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening on death rates from...

Cancer expert appointed Chief Clinician of Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK has appointed leading cancer researcher Professor Peter Johnson as its first Chief Clinician.

Prostate cancer NICE decision 'makes no sense'

Cancer Research UK is urging a solution to the impasse over the advanced prostate cancer drug abiraterone, which has been turned down by NICE.

Women and GPs lack awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms

Research by an ovarian cancer charity has highlighted a widespread lack of awareness of the symptoms of the disease among both women and their GPs.

Drug combination prolongs lives of leukaemia patients

Researchers at the University of Cologne in Germany have developed a new combination of treatments that prolongs the lives of patients with the most common type of...

UK children see millions of TV tobacco images every week

Television schedules are exposing children to millions of images of tobacco use, or implied use, every week, new UK research has revealed.

New research shows ‘DNA tags’ could guide treatment for advanced ovarian cancer

A Cancer Research UK study has identified chemical 'tags' on DNA in patients’ tumours that could help doctors decide the type of chemotherapy women with advanced ovarian...

Scientists hope to draw cancer cells from body

An American scientist has made a discovery about the way cells move through the bloodstream that could one day enable mobile cancer cells to be removed from the body,...

Majority of male cancer deaths linked to smoking, say US scientists

A US study has provided further evidence that smoking increases the risk of death from cancers other than lung cancer.