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Sir Paul Nurse to lead new UKCMRI

Sir Paul Nurse is to become the first director and chief executive of the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (UKCMRI).

Global survey reveals mistaken beliefs about cancer

A new survey has highlighted a number of mistaken beliefs about the causes of cancer which must be addressed so that people know how to reduce their risk of the disease....

Shisha pipes 'as dangerous as cigarettes'

Many people are misled into thinking that shisha pipes are safer than cigarettes due to their exotic smells and attractive waterpipes, according to the British Heart...

A-listers donate handbags to Handbag Amnesty 2009

Paris Hilton is the latest international celebrity to donate a designer handbag to the second annual Handbag Amnesty, a partnership between, the home of...

Polite Britons risk late cancer diagnosis

Almost forty per cent of British people would put off going to their GP with cancer symptoms because they don't want to bother the doctor, reveals a survey published...

Study identifies new prostate cancer indicator

Scientists have identified a genetic fault that seems to be specific to fast-growing prostate cancer, paving the way for a new screening method to detect the disease.

Cancer Research UK launches monthly podcast

Cancer Research UK, the world's leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research, is adding its voice to the digital airwaves by launching a brand new podcast...

Bowel cancer risk doubles for men

Men's chances of getting bowel cancer in Great Britain have doubled since the mid 70s - according to new figures released today by Cancer Research UK.

Genes hold key to advance warning of side effects

Scientists have identified two genes which are associated with an adverse reaction to the treatment of breast cancer, the National Cancer Research Institute Conference has...

Blood pressure drug improves effect of chemotherapy in mice

A tried and tested blood pressure drug may improve the effects of chemotherapy, US scientists have shown.