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'There is going to be legislation' on standardised tobacco packaging

Ministers could announce plans to introduce plain, standardised packets for cigarettes, reports suggest.

Multi-tasking imatinib boosts radiotherapy for bladder tumours

Cancer drug imatinib (Glivec) could boost radiotherapy treatment to destroy bladder cancer that has spread to the bladder wall, reveals research published in Cancer...

More Scottish women attending breast cancer screening

The number of Scottish women attending breast cancer screening has continued to grow above the targeted rate, the NHS watchdog has announced.

Blocking blood clotting could slow down cancer spread

Scientists in the US have found a way to slow down the spread of cancer by blocking blood cells called platelets - which drive the formation of blood cots in healthy...

Why science needs to nurse the public

Britain's leading cancer boss will today warn of the dangers of failing to match progress in research with public understanding and trust.

Smoking among child cancer survivors highest in most at risk group

Childhood cancer survivors who are most at risk of developing a second cancer are more likely to smoke than other childhood cancer survivors - reveals a Cancer Research UK...

Revised guidelines should ease clinical trial workload

The first formal revision of the guidelines used by clinicians to measure the size of tumours and their response to treatment has been published - a move which should help...

Weight gain linked to breast cancers says study

A new study has shed more light on the link between bodyweight and breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women.

One in five women who opt for breast-conserving surgery 'need second operation'

One in five women with breast cancer who undergo breast conserving surgery rather than a mastectomy will need a second operation, according to a major UK study.

Trigger for 'undruggable' lung cancer gene offers new treatment hope

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered that an enzyme called C-Raf controls a hugely important gene responsible for the development of lung cancer, according to...