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Innovative partnership targets cancer-causing 'chaperones'

London, Sunday 7 June, 2009, Cancer Research Technology (CRT) and The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) today announced a major research collaboration with AstraZeneca....

Forma therapeutics and Cancer Research Technology to discover cancer drugs targeting deubiquitinating enzymes (DUBS)

Forma Therapeutics and Cancer Research Technology, Ltd. (CRT), the commercialisation company of Cancer Research UK, announced today a bold research initiative to discover...

A short stroll found to help when giving up cigarettes

Taking a walk when nicotine cravings hit could help smokers to forget their urge for a cigarette, a new research review suggests.

Cervical cancer screening age to stay at 25

The Department of Health has ruled out lowering the age of cervical cancer screening from 25 to 20 after experts reported that screening women under 25 could do more harm...

Joint position statement issued to provide vitamin D clarity

Cancer Research UK has joined with several other organisations and charities to issue a joint position statement on vitamin D.

Depression and anxiety affects one in two breast cancer patients

Almost half of all women with early breast cancer experience depression or anxiety in their first year after diagnosis, reveals a study published in todayїs (Saturday)...

Blood test gives 'real-time' picture of cancer

A simple and cost-effective blood test could be used to monitor how a patient is responding to treatment and detect genetic faults in their cancer as they happen,...

Cancer cells switch mobility on and off says research

Highly-aggressive, spreading cancer cells are able to switch between being mobile and settling in a new area of the body, laboratory research has suggested.

Researchers reveal soya's effects on breast tissue

Eating a diet rich in soya products such as tofu can affect the make-up of breast tissue, potentially reducing the risk of breast cancer, according to a new study1 from...

Choose a cracker of a gift this Christmas, with Send and Give from Cancer Research UK

Christmas may come just once a year, but if you are looking for gift ideas that will make an impact long after the decorations have come down, why not give one of Cancer...