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Genetically engineered virus extends the lives of terminally-ill liver cancer patients

A genetically-engineered virus has prolonged the lives of terminally ill liver cancer patients in a small clinical trial.

Paul Marks Prize 2013 awarded to Cancer Research UK scientist

Dr Simon Boulton has been named as one of the recipients of the 2013 Paul Marks Prize for cancer research from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in America.

Athritis drug may reduce breast cancer risks, claims study

An initial study of drugs routinely prescribed for arthritis has suggested that they may reduce the risks of developing breast cancer.

Cervical cancer vaccine could cut mortality by three quarters

A vaccine which protects against the infection that causes cervical cancer could cut the mortality rate of the disease by 75 per cent, its manufacturers have claimed.

Diving treatment offers new hope for cancer patients

Decompression chambers, used to treat deep-sea divers with the bends, may hold the key to relieving painful side effects of breast cancer treatment.

'Chattering' receptors drive breast cancer

Cancer Research UK scientists have shown for the first time how preventing two receptors - 'cell antennae' - communicating with each other can influence the activity of...

More research needed into effect of oily fish on prostate risk

Cancer Research UK has said that more research is needed to investigate the effect of eating oily fish on men's risk of prostate cancer after US scientists claimed that it...

50m interim fund to improve access to cancer drugs

The government has announced a new Ј50 million fund to improve access to cancer drugs until the new Cancer Drugs Fund comes into effect in April 2011.

19m 'e-Health' scheme to improve UK cancer research

Cancer research in the UK will get a boost under a new scheme funded by government and charitable organisations.

Radon gas in ordinary homes increases lung cancer risk, particularly for smokers

Radon gas1 in ordinary homes across the country increases the risk of lung cancer, particularly among smokers, according to research published online in the British...