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PACCAR and Cancer Research UK unveil advanced diagnostic laboratory in Manchester

Cancer Research UK opens its new PACCAR Laboratory at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research in Manchester today. Researchers in the new lab will focus on turning...

Scientists in major prostate cancer gene discovery

SCIENTISTS have discovered nine new sites in the human genome that have variants that can increase a man's risk of developing prostate cancer by three fold. Their findings...

Cigarette advert model reveals cancer

A UK model and actor who fronted a cigarette advertising campaign in the 1960s is to use his smoking-related cancer to become an anti-tobacco ambassador.

Mushroom may boost cancer therapy drug

Mushroom may boost cancer therapy drug.

One or two drinks a day increase the risk of cancer in women

Women who regularly have one or two alcoholic drinks a day increase their risk of several cancers according to a new report from Cancer Research UK published today.

Insurer gene test access could deter people at risk

The results of genetic tests should be disclosed to insurance companies so they can assess the health risks of applicants, according to a leading bioethics expert.

Study sheds new light on breast cancer hormone links

Some women who naturally produce higher levels of a protein called aromatase in their breasts may face an increased risk of developing breast cancer, US researchers have...

Cardiff kids take care of their health

Cardiff children worry about their health and would change their habits to reduce the risk of illness in the future.

Scientists discover how 'winning cell' guides blood vessel growth

Cancer Research UK scientists have found for the first time that cells compete with each other to guide the 'sprouting' and growth of blood vessels, and they have...

Cancer Research UK scientists recognised in birthday honours

Two Cancer Research UK scientists have been recognised in the Queen's birthday honours list.