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Pre-surgery chemo boosts Wilms' tumour treatment says study

Children being treated for the most common form of childhood kidney cancer, known as Wilms' tumour, show better treatment results if given chemotherapy before surgery,...

Scientists develop way to predict chemotherapy effectiveness

Researchers have developed a non-invasive method of predicting whether chemotherapy is likely to be effective against a particular tumour.

Cancer is our number one fear but most don't understand how many cases can be prevented

Cancer is our greatest fear, a Cancer Research UK survey reveals today. Over a quarter of Brits say cancer is the thing they most fear, topping the list over Alzheimerїs,...

First womb cancer genome scan reveals prostate cancer link

Scientists have carried out the first ever genome scan for womb cancer and discovered a genetic region that reduces risk of the disease, according to a study published in...

Warnings issued on untested cancer drug

People are being advised not to risk taking dichloroacetate (DCA) without proper medical guidance after New Scientist magazine reported that some cancer patients are...

Tobacco control policies 'bring healthcare savings'

Tobacco control policies implemented by national governments not only improve the health of a nation, but are also good for the economy, according to a new report in the...

NICE recommends new treatments for advanced melanoma

Two new treatments for advanced melanoma skin cancer have been recommended for use by NICE, the healthcare guidance body for England and Wales.

UK rays responsible for more than a third of most recent sunburn cases

As temperatures soar this week, new figures from Cancer Research UK and NIVEA SUN show that 37 per cent of people admit the last time they were sunburnt was in the UK.

Japan Tobacco International gave a 'misleading impression' to the public

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) made false claims that could not be substantiated according to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) today (Wednesday).

Smokers should persevere with smoking cessation therapy

Smokers should persevere with anti-nicotine treatments even if they are not immediately successful, according to a US study.