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FSA recalls snacks over "very small" cancer risk

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said that the risks to human health from some brands of chocolate and snacks withdrawn from shops today are "very small".

It's a Tyne start for cancer survivor Findlay's Great World Run

A courageous cancer survivor jogged alone across the Tyne Bridge at 6.00am on Thursday, September 7th to highlight the start of his fundraising mission to run 24 half...

Cancer Research UK creates 'crack teams' to solve cancer's greatest mysteries

World leading scientists are to be targeted by Cancer Research UK and its development and commercialisation arm Cancer Research Technology (CRT), in an effort to tackle...

What do a human skull, a Samurai sword and a toilet brush have in common?

A human skull, a Samurai sword and a toilet brush are just some of the weird and wonderful items that have recently been donated to the Cancer Research UK shops. While...

Celebs urged to 'check science facts'

Scientists concerned about celebrities' ability to affect public opinion with misinformed pronouncements on science have issued a leaflet providing basic dos and don'ts....

Poorer women less likely to survive breast cancer

Poorer women from deprived areas are less likely to survive breast cancer as they are diagnosed at a later stage which means the best available treatments won't be as...

Melanoma appears to defy cancer stem cell theory

US scientists have found evidence suggesting that the 'cancer stem cell' theory may not apply to melanoma - the most deadly form of skin cancer.