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Cancer Research UK backs cervical screening call

Cancer Research UK has backed an NHS call for local awareness programmes to increase the number of Scottish women being screened for cervical cancer.

Experimental melanoma drug shows promise in phase-III trial

Early results from a phase-III clinical trial of a new drug for advanced melanoma skin cancer indicate that it may help to improve survival.

New chemicals shield 'genome guardian'

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered a potent group of chemicals that protect p53 - a major anti-tumour gene - from destruction, a study published in Cancer Cell...

Scientists solve key piece of prostate cancer puzzle

Cancer Research UK scientists have revealed a completely new route by which male androgen hormones fuel the growth of prostate cancer, raising the prospect that existing...

India set for 1m tobacco deaths a year during 2010s

India's smoking epidemic is set to cause around one million deaths every year during the 2010s, a new study shows.

CancerHelp UK and health information leaflets receive Department of Health accreditation

Cancer Research UK's patient information website, CancerHelp UK, and its health information leaflets have been awarded the Department of Health Information Standard.

Newcastle scientists host top conference in Gateshead

Newcastle scientists will play host to an international audience of researchers and doctors at a major conference in Gateshead from 5-7 October 2005.

New molecular marker could predict if breast cancer patients need chemotherapy

A new predictive marker which could help doctors to decide whether breast cancer patients would benefit from chemotherapy has been identified by a team of scientists.

NICE issues final guidance on Herceptin

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has announced its final guidance on the availability of trastuzumab (known by the trade name Herceptin) in...

Workplace secondhand smoke exposure doubles cancer risk

High levels of exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace can double the risk of lung cancer, a review of previous research has found.