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Scientists use mutant proteins to predict bladder cancer recurrence

Measuring the levels of certain mutated proteins in tissue samples could allow doctors to predict the likelihood of bladder cancer returning after treatment, according to...

GPs receive new guidelines for prostate cancer risk management

A new edition of the Prostate Cancer Risk Management Programme (PCRMP) has been produced to help GPs give men clear and balanced information about testing for prostate...

What women on HRT need to know

The long term effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy significantly increase the risk of breast cancer and stroke according to Cancer Research UK scientists in a report1...

Photodynamic therapy can scramble the immune system to fight cancer spread

A light-triggered cancer treatment called photodynamic therapy (PDT) may be able to treat advanced cancer at the same time as targeting local tumours, according to...

Scientists develop prostate cancer predictions

Scientists have developed a system for predicting prostate cancer risk that could improve the accuracy of the current PSA blood test.

Study finds cancer patients may face increased risk of food-borne illness listeria

People with cancer face an increased risk of developing the food-borne illness listeria, scientists have reported.

New Zealand plans standardised tobacco packaging

The New Zealand government has announced plans to put all tobacco products into plain, standardised packaging with large, graphic health warnings.

Gene testing could improve screening programme in future

Calculating individual genetic cancer risk and taking age into account could mean fewer women would need to be screened for breast cancer, according to research published...

Missed cancer referrals "disappointing"

A missed target for cancer referrals in Scotland is "disappointing" Cancer Research UK has said, but the charity has noted that there was progress in other areas.

Ovarian cancer vaccine produces promising results in early trial

A vaccine designed to prevent ovarian cancer from recurring has shown promise in early-stage clinical trials, researchers have said.