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Scotland unveils smoking prevention action plan

The Scottish Government has unveiled plans to cut the number of young people who take up smoking.

Estimates show overall fall in cancer death rates in Europe

Death rates from cancer will fall across Europe this year, Swiss and Italian scientists have predicted.

Online booze tracker can help beat cancer

If you find it difficult to keep track of just how many glasses of wine you've consumed during the week, help is at hand thanks to Cancer Research UK.

Smoking sharply increases risk of certain cancers of the immune system and bone marrow

Women who smoke increase their risk of developing certain cancers of the blood, immune system, and bone marrow new research shows today (Friday).

Government considers banning the display of tobacco products in shops

The government is considering plans to ban the displaying of tobacco products in shops and the installation of vending machines in pubs, it has been revealed.

Scientists reveal 'protector' gene behind 50-fold increase in number of bowel tumours

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have shown that deleting a single gene can increase the average number of tumours in the bowel by 50-fold, according to research published in...

Study highlights long road to giving up

Smokers who manage to give up for a year have a better than even chance of quitting long-term, according to a trial by Cancer Research UK scientists.

Drinking culture blamed for 'appalling' rise in alcohol-related cancers

There has been a significant increase in cancers which are linked to alcohol over the past ten years, according to figures requested by the Liberal Democrats.

Report shows NHS needs better planning for radiotherapy and scanning equipment

Cancer Research UK has asked the government to have an action plan for radiotherapy to ensure that the NHS gets the most out of radiotherapy equipment.

Trial finds new drug combo increases remission time for lymphoma patients

A trial led by French researchers has found that patients under 60 with a form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma called 'diffuse large B-cell lymphoma' are more likely to have a...