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Royal Society award for Dr Tomas Lindahl

Cancer Research UK's Dr Tomas Lindahl FRS has been awarded a Royal Medal by the Royal Society in recognition of his achievement in the field of DNA repair.

Cancer diagnosis blunders impact on patient health

Diagnosis errors have put the health of hundreds of people in danger, a new investigation carried out by the NHS has revealed.

CRT to licence telomere targeting agents to Pharminox for drug development

Cancer Research Technology (CRT) - Cancer Research UK's development and commercial arm - and the cancer drug discovery company Pharminox Ltd (Pharminox) today announced...

Famous Harrys join host of celebrities to support Help Harry Help Others

Famous Harrys have united to launch a fundraising campaign for Help Harry Help Others, the campaign started by the inspirational Harry Moseley who died of a brain tumour...

Animal cancer treatment unit opens in Cambridge

A new facility for treating animals with cancer has opened at the University of Cambridge's Queen's Veterinary School Hospital.

Study suggests screening in men with genetic predisposition to prostate cancer is more effective

A new study suggests that regular blood testing to measure levels of prostate specific antigen is more effective at detecting prostate cancer in men.

Israeli researchers developing BRCA 'radiation' test

A new blood test that measures cells' response to radiation could detect inherited faults in a person's BRCA genes, according to Israeli researchers.

Cancer Research UK adds its 1000th clinical trial to information website

Cancer Research UK has added the 1000th clinical trial to its award winning patient information website, CancerHelp UK, on the 10th anniversary of the launch of its...

Smokeless tobacco 'snus' linked to pancreatic cancer

New research has shown that users of Swedish "snus" - an oral, smokeless tobacco - are twice as likely to contract pancreatic cancer as people who have never smoked.

US smokefree legislation effective, claims study

Research in the US has suggested that the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) is successfully protecting employees from secondhand smoke.