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Hair loss in 20s suggested to be linked to increased prostate risk

A small French study has suggested a possible link between early balding and an increased risk of prostate cancer in later life.

Public unaware of link between smoking and bladder cancer

The majority of people are unaware that smoking increases the risk of bladder cancer, according to a new US study.

Lung cancer vaccine enters large-scale clinical trial

A new treatment for the most common form of lung cancer, developed from initial research by Cancer Research UK scientists, has entered a pivotal phase III clinical trial...

Pensioners spot skin cancer symptoms too late

Failure to get moles and skin changes checked out by a doctor has contributed to a steep rise in deaths from malignant melanoma among pensioners, experts warned.

Synthetic scorpion venom could sting glioma study suggests

A synthetic version of scorpion venom could one day be used to accurately target treatments to brain tumours without affecting surrounding tissue suggests a new study.

New research helps scientists pinpoint cancer's return

Predicting whether cancer is likely to return after surgery could improve the survival of patients, according to a study by a leading Cancer Research UK scientist.

Charity leads world in helping cancer patients get the right treatment

Cancer Research UK's chief executive Harpal Kumar today spoke of a 'golden era' for cancer research as the UK is poised to lead the world in individualising the practice...

Pre-surgery chemo boosts Wilms' tumour treatment says study

Children being treated for the most common form of childhood kidney cancer, known as Wilms' tumour, show better treatment results if given chemotherapy before surgery,...

Scientists develop way to predict chemotherapy effectiveness

Researchers have developed a non-invasive method of predicting whether chemotherapy is likely to be effective against a particular tumour.

Cancer is our number one fear but most don't understand how many cases can be prevented

Cancer is our greatest fear, a Cancer Research UK survey reveals today. Over a quarter of Brits say cancer is the thing they most fear, topping the list over Alzheimerїs,...