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Scientists edge closer to targeting an 'undruggable' cancer gene

Cancers caused by a hyperactive faulty gene called Myc seem to depend on a protein called ARK5 to survive, according to scientists from the University of Wuerzburg in...

Ten Cancer Research UK scientists become EMBO elect

TEN Cancer Research UK funded scientists have been elected to the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) - a prestigious body which recognises and promotes...

Exposure to X-rays raises risk of breast cancer in young women with BRCA faults

Women with faults in BRCA genes are more likely to develop breast cancer if they are exposed to chest X-rays before they are 30.

'More research' needed into safety of electronic cigarettes

The need for more research into the long-term health effects of electronic cigarettes has been highlighted by scientists in the British Medical Journal

Cancer Research UK reassures women over acrylamide/cancer link

Cancer Research UK moved to reassure women over a study suggesting that a common chemical caused by frying, roasting or grilling may be linked to ovarian and womb cancer...

Proof that controversial therapy is effective

Cancer Research UK scientists have for the first time shown that a controversial treatment is more effective than traditional chemotherapy for treating multiple myeloma, a...

Genes contribute to obesity lifestyles

Some people may have a higher risk of obesity because they are genetically predisposed to overeat or lead a sedentary lifestyle, a leading Cancer Research UK scientist...

Oldest breast cancer patients get least treatment

Women over 70 years old with breast cancer may be receiving a lower level of care than less elderly women, research has suggested.

Swansea University launches new course in cancer rehabilitation

Nurses and other health professionals will soon be able to take a dedicated course on cancer rehabilitation at Swansea University.

Tobacco firms responsible for half of UK cigarette price rises

Tobacco companies have driven around half of the price hike in UK cigarettes, according to experts at the University of Bath.