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Getting enough vitamin D? You need far less sun than you might think

How long do you need to spend in the sun to make enough vitamin D? Cancer Research UK-funded research sheds new light on vitamin D and sun safety.

News digest – breast cancer treatment, potential vape tax, high-tech MRI and cannabis extract

Cannabis extract was in the news after a study found that combining it with chemo extended the lives of mice with pancreatic cancer.

Living with a brain tumour – Sue’s story

Brain tumour research is one of our top priorities. Here, Sue shares her experience of living with an incurable brain tumour.

My brain tumour treatment journey – Parminder’s story

Brain tumour research is one of our top priorities. Here, Parminder takes us through her treatment journey after she was diagnosed with an astrocytoma.

Piecing together brain tumour biology to design more effective drugs

Scientists are slowly uncovering what makes brain tumours tick. Combining this information with research on the healthy brain could lead to new treatments.

Being diagnosed with a brain tumour – Mary’s story

Brain tumour research is one of our top priorities. In this series, 3 people share their experience of the disease, starting with Mary and her diagnosis.

News digest – HPV jab for boys, childhood obesity, ‘one-stop diagnosis shops’ and Zika virus

The Government announced that boys will get the HPV vaccine, and severe obesity in 10 and 11-year olds hits record high.

Immunotherapy drug made available for some NHS patients with Hodgkin lymphoma

The immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab (Keytruda) can now be used to treat some patients with Hodgkin lymphoma on the NHS in England.

Show your kids how to stay safe in the sun: British parents protect their children but neglect their own sun protection

Research from NIVEA SUN and Cancer Research UK reveals the extent of parents’ confusion around sun protection, and the potential harm to their health.

Obesity at record high in children aged 10-11 years

More ten to eleven-year-olds in England are seriously obese than has ever been recorded, according to new research by Public Heath England.