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News digest – vaping, kidney cancer blood test, leafy greens and elephant zombie gene?

In this week’s news: leafy greens protect mice from developing cancer and an experimental molecule that could make aggressive brain tumour cells self-destruct.

Relax e-cigarette regulations to help smokers quit, say MPs

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee highlighted the potential of e-cigarettes as a stop-smoking aid in their new report.

An intelligent knife can tell ovarian cancer and healthy tissue apart. Could it make surgery smarter?

New research has shown that an intelligent knife can distinguish between ovarian cancer and normal tissue. Could it help make ovarian cancer surgery smarter?

The intelligent knife: a potential ‘game-changer’ for cancer surgery

The iKnife is a surgical device with the unique ability to sniff out cancer cells. This is the story of the intelligent knife, from inception to theatre.

Emergency hospital visits more common among most deprived bowel cancer patients

Bowel cancer patients living in the most deprived areas have higher proportions of emergency hospital admissions before a diagnosis than less deprived patients.

Developing more accurate ways to study brain tumours

Growing ‘mini brains’ in dishes is just one of the innovative ways our scientists are studying brain tumours in the lab. Find out how this could lead to new treatments....

Blood test could detect kidney cancer up to 5 years earlier

Scientists have discovered that a marker in the blood could help predict the risk that a person will develop kidney cancer.

News digest – bowel screening age, reducing childhood obesity, NHS delays, and biological ‘drones’

Bowel screening age to be dropped to 50 in England and study looks to tackle childhood obesity by coaching new parents.

Getting enough vitamin D? You need far less sun than you might think

How long do you need to spend in the sun to make enough vitamin D? Cancer Research UK-funded research sheds new light on vitamin D and sun safety.

News digest – breast cancer treatment, potential vape tax, high-tech MRI and cannabis extract

Cannabis extract was in the news after a study found that combining it with chemo extended the lives of mice with pancreatic cancer.