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Targeted drug for lung cancer approved for NHS use in England

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has approved the drug osimertinib to treat some adults in England with untreated, advanced lung cancer.

What’s happened to cancer services during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Six months since lockdown, we’ve got a much clearer picture how cancer services were affected, and how well they’re recovering.

Myeloma maintenance treatment not recommended on NHS in England

Cancer drug lenalidomide receives an initial rejection to treat some adults with myeloma following a stem cell transplant.

News digest – larger waistlines and prostate cancer, GP gut instincts and bee venom

New research suggests that men with larger waistlines may be more likely to die from prostate cancer.

Rare bowel cancer treatment combo gets initial no for NHS use in England  

A drug combination for people with a rare type of bowel cancer has received an initial rejection from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Children and young people with cancer who have relapsed can get rapid access to new treatments, thanks to new Cancer Research UK trial

Children and young people in the UK with cancers that have come back can now access new personalised treatments quicker than ever before.

Cancer research UK and AstraZeneca’s new antibody maturation technique yields high-affinity Arginase 2 antibody

Researchers in Cambridge have pioneered the development of an innovative affinity maturation technique to generate high-affinity antibody against Arginase 2.

Opinion: “With Cancer Grand Challenges, we’re about to take collaboration further than we ever have before”

Our chief executive, Michelle Mitchell OBE, invites visionary philanthropic supporters to back our innovative research-funding programme.

Teaching evolutionary theory to artificial intelligence reveals cancer’s life history

Scientists have developed the most accurate computing method to date to reconstruct the patchwork of genetic faults within tumours and their history.

The changing landscape of children’s cancer treatment

We spoke to Professor Lou Chesler and Dr Lynley Marshall about the innovative studies that are aiming to make children's cancer treatment more tailored.