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Doctors trial the coil to prevent womb cancer

NEW research in Yorkhill Hospital and Glasgow Royal Infirmary is investigating whether a form of the contraceptive coil can stop women from developing womb cancer.

Study backs controversial link between alcohol intake and endometrial cancer

A new study has suggested a link between alcohol intake and cancer of the womb lining (endometrial cancer) in older women, although there is still no medical consensus on...

Oldest breast cancer patients get least treatment

Women over 70 years old with breast cancer may be receiving a lower level of care than less elderly women, research has suggested.

10,000 'at risk' women in trials for early breast screening

A leading Cancer Research UK scientist is among eight top clinical researchers chosen to launch a pioneering breast cancer screening study for women between 40-44 who have...

Cancer Research UK cautious over grapefruit breast cancer link

Cancer Research UK has played down reports of a link between eating grapefruit and an increased risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Mastectomy alert for South Asian women

South Asian breast cancer patients living in Yorkshire may have higher rates of mastectomy compared with non-Asians because they present to their GPs too late, Cancer...

Cancer Research UK funds new breast cancer trials

A trial part-funded by Cancer Research UK is to explore a potential new treatment for women with hereditary breast cancer.

Depression and anxiety affects one in two breast cancer patients

Almost half of all women with early breast cancer experience depression or anxiety in their first year after diagnosis, reveals a study published in todayїs (Saturday)...

Cancer Research UK reassures women over acrylamide/cancer link

Cancer Research UK moved to reassure women over a study suggesting that a common chemical caused by frying, roasting or grilling may be linked to ovarian and womb cancer...

The pill gives long-lasting protection against ovarian cancer

The contraceptive Pill gives women substantial and long-lasting protection against ovarian cancer, according to a new report by Cancer Research UK scientists in The Lancet...