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Women 'more vulnerable to tobacco carcinogens than men'

A study at a Swiss treatment centre has found that women diagnosed with lung cancer tend to be younger than men.

Deadly skin cancer now threatens women in their twenties

The deadliest form of skin cancer has now become the most common kind of cancer for women in their 20s - according to the latest figures from Cancer Research UK which...

Breast cancer screening trials for under 50s does not show significant effect

A ten year trial in which women between the ages of 40 and 50 were invited for annual breast screening did not show a significant reduction in breast cancer mortality.

Smoking and HPV deadly cervical cancer combination says study

Women who carry certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and who also smoke could be increasing their risk of cervical cancer by as much as 27 times compared with...

South Asian women have higher survival from breast cancer

South Asian women living in England are more likely to survive breast cancer than other women, Cancer Research UK scientists reveal.

Ireland sees 75 per cent rise in melanoma in women under 50

There has been a 36 per cent rise in the number of skin cancer cases in Ireland over the past ten years, new figures published by the Irish Cancer Society show.

Penny Lancaster Stewart photographs real women to star in Cancer Research UK's 2008 breast cancer awareness campaign

MODEL photographer Penny Lancaster Stewart has teamed up with Cancer Research UK to photograph three women who have been affected by breast cancer for the charity's 2008...

More evidence for HRT link to ovarian cancer

A large Danish study has found more evidence that women who take - or have ever taken - hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are more likely to develop ovarian cancer than...

Obesity 'hikes up' pancreatic cancer risk in women

Obese women, who carry most of their excess weight around the stomach, are 70 per cent more likely to develop pancreatic cancer, according to a study published online in...

Cancer Research UK reassures women over breast cancer chemicals study

Cancer Research UK has said that a report on a possible link between environmental chemicals and breast cancer should not alarm women as it does not draw on all the...