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Protein sheds light on higher liver cancer rates in men

A protein that promotes inflammation may be linked to the higher rates of liver cancer in men than women, according to new research.

Cancer Research UK's Race for Life 2009 - every woman is invited

CANCER Research UKїs 2009 Race for Life event series is now open for entries and the charity is inviting every woman to enter, take part and experience the true spirit of...

Oral sex linked to rare throat cancer

New evidence has been found that links the spread of human papillomavirus (HPV) through oral sex with some throat cancers in both men and women.

Women students know nothing of lifestyle links to breast cancer

The vast majority of women students worldwide know nothing about the lifestyle habits that can influence breast cancer risk. And they are no better informed about the...

Womb cancer patients could benefit from genetic screening

Women with cancer of the womb could benefit from screening for inherited genetic mutations that may increase their risk of other cancers, scientists have suggested.

'Protective' breast cancer gene may lead to new treatments

Scientists looking for new breast cancer genes have discovered a genetic variant that appears to slightly reduce the risk of breast cancer among the women who inherit it...

Dramatic improvement in breast cancer survival

Almost two thirds of all women newly diagnosed with breast cancer are now likely to survive for at least 20 years - Cancer Research UK predicts today.

Kevin Adams and Christopher Biggins dig in their heels for Cancer Research UK

The 'stiletto' shoe was on the other foot in London today as a group of men joined Jade Goody's close friend Kevin Adams and actor Christopher Biggins to pay a light-...

High fibre diet offers unequal cancer protection suggests research

Cancer Research UK has urged caution over research that claimed men who eat a high fibre diet gain a third more protection against bowel cancer than women.

Obesity linked to rise in kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is the fastest growing form of the disease in women, according to new statistics revealed by Cancer Research UK.