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Cancer Research UK's Race for Life enters the history books

Cancer Research UK has today set a new Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous stretch with 115,000 women across the UK all stretching together.

Non-smoker lung cancer rates higher than previously thought

The rate of lung cancer among people who have never smoked is higher than previously thought, a US study has found, with rates among women higher than among men.

Burnt Brits don't feel hot

Nearly forty per cent of British women and a quarter of British men have confessed that they have felt unattractive on holiday as a result of excessive exposure to the sun...

Cancer Research UK cautious over fatty fish cancer protection link

Preliminary research has suggested that women who eat fatty fish, such as salmon or mackerel, a few times a month might have a lower risk of a type of kidney cancer.

Charity predicts 20,000 fewer deaths from bowel cancer

Cancer Research UK today predicts a huge drop in deaths from bowel cancer if people use the self testing kit that is being sent to men and women in their sixties...

Exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer in most women

Studies have shown that exercise can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer, but a new review has found that some groups of women benefit more than others.

Confusion about sexual virus test causes anxiety and could harm relationships

Women fear that the trust between couples in long term relationships and marriage could be undermined if tests for a sexually transmitted virus were to form part of the...

Colon cancer risks linked to obesity says research

Large waist measurements and waist-to-hip ratios are linked to increased risks of colon cancer in both men and women, German researchers have claimed.

Women loath to give up the good life to reduce breast cancer risk

Women are reluctant to make lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of breast cancer - according to a survey of 6,000 women published this week.

Doctors 'do not adequately prepare' women for life after gynaecological cancer

Women who have undergone treatment for vaginal or cervical cancer would welcome more advice on how the disease might affect their sex life, a study has found.