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Lung cancer death rates at 30-year low for women under 70

Deaths from lung cancer in British women under 70 have fallen to their lowest in 30 years, according to new statistics released today.

Wales speeds up HPV vaccination catch-up campaign

The Welsh Assembly Government has announced that the catch-up campaign for human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination is to be accelerated so that even more girls and young...

Women on the march for Cancer Research UK

Royal Navy Commander leads pink march to highlight need for increases in breast cancer screening uptake and fundraising

'Vigorous activity' may protect against breast cancer

Breast cancer is less common amongst postmenopausal women who carry out 'vigorous' exercise, US research suggests.

Cancer Research UK backs cervical screening call

Cancer Research UK has backed an NHS call for local awareness programmes to increase the number of Scottish women being screened for cervical cancer.

Burnt Brits don't feel hot

Nearly forty per cent of British women and a quarter of British men have confessed that they have felt unattractive on holiday as a result of excessive exposure to the sun...

Cancer Research UK cautious over fatty fish cancer protection link

Preliminary research has suggested that women who eat fatty fish, such as salmon or mackerel, a few times a month might have a lower risk of a type of kidney cancer.

Charity predicts 20,000 fewer deaths from bowel cancer

Cancer Research UK today predicts a huge drop in deaths from bowel cancer if people use the self testing kit that is being sent to men and women in their sixties...

Exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer in most women

Studies have shown that exercise can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer, but a new review has found that some groups of women benefit more than others.

'Kylie effect' can confuse women over breast cancer risk

The vast majority of women of all ages mistakenly think breast cancer is more likely to strike the under 70s than older women.