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Womb Uterine Or Endometrial Cancer

Keyhole surgery a ‘better approach’ for women with early stage womb cancer

Survival in women who have less invasive surgery for early-stage womb cancer is just as good as traditional surgery.

Obesity behind big rise in womb cancer

Rising levels of obesity among UK women have helped fuel a 54 per cent increase in womb cancer rates over the last two decades, according to new statistics.

Even short-term Pill use lowers womb cancer risk ‘for decades’

Women who’ve used the contraceptive pill have a reduced risk of womb cancer for more than 30 years after coming off it.

Eating a Mediterranean diet could cut womb cancer risk

Women who eat a Mediterranean diet could cut their risk of womb cancer by more than half.

Targeted treatment could halt womb cancer growth

A drug which targets a key gene fault could halt an aggressive womb cancer and shrink tumours.

'DNA tag' linked to development of womb cancer

A 'DNA tag' is linked to the development of a type of womb cancer by switching off a gene that usually protects against the disease.

Aspirin may reduce cancer risk in people with Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC)

UK scientists have discovered that a daily dose of aspirin may protect against cancer in people with Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC - also called Lynch...

Womb cancer patients could benefit from genetic screening

Women with cancer of the womb could benefit from screening for inherited genetic mutations that may increase their risk of other cancers, scientists have suggested.

Small study suggests contraceptive IUDs may delay womb cancer

Contraceptive intrauterine devices may be effective at treating early-stage cancers of the endometrium, a small clinical trial in Italy suggests.

Cervical smear tests 'could also detect ovarian and womb cancer'

DNA from cervical screening samples could also be used to detect ovarian and womb (endometrial) cancers, according to preliminary US research.