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Womb Uterine Or Endometrial Cancer

Womb cancer stats reveal treatment variation across England

Our new stats show a staggering variation in treatment plans for women diagnosed with womb cancer across England.

Keyhole surgery a ‘better approach’ for women with early stage womb cancer

Survival in women who have less invasive surgery for early-stage womb cancer is just as good as traditional surgery.

Obesity behind big rise in womb cancer

Rising levels of obesity among UK women have helped fuel a 54 per cent increase in womb cancer rates over the last two decades, according to new statistics.

Eating a Mediterranean diet could cut womb cancer risk

Women who eat a Mediterranean diet could cut their risk of womb cancer by more than half.

Targeted treatment could halt womb cancer growth

A drug which targets a key gene fault could halt an aggressive womb cancer and shrink tumours.

Womb cancer cases are highest for over three decades

The number of women diagnosed with womb cancer is at its highest for over 30 years according to new figures published today by Cancer Research UK which show more than 7,...

Survival rates improving for cancer of the womb but its incidence climbs in the over 60s

Five-year survival rates for womb cancer have risen to 77 per cent, an improvement of 16 per cent in the last 30 years.

Doctors trial the coil to prevent womb cancer

NEW research in Yorkhill Hospital and Glasgow Royal Infirmary is investigating whether a form of the contraceptive coil can stop women from developing womb cancer.

Waist size can increase womb cancer risk

The average British woman, who has a 34inch waist, is more likely to develop womb cancer than her slimmer sisters.

Vigorous exercise cuts womb cancer risk in overweight women by more than a third

Overweight women who take regular intense exercise cut their risk of developing endometrial cancer, the most common form of womb cancer, by more than a third (39 per cent...