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Study helps explain how malaria parasite might cause blood cancer

US scientists have uncovered how infection with a malaria-causing parasite can increase the chances of immune cells developing into cancer.

Oral rinses could help monitor patients with HPV-linked throat cancer

Traces of DNA from the human papillomavirus found in oral rinses could lead to a way to track how throat cancer responds to treatment.

Scientists trigger suicide switch in ovarian cancer cells

Genetically engineering viruses to carry a suicide gene into ovarian cancer cells could become a potent way to tackle the disease, a leading Cancer Research UK scientist...

From viral red alert to new breed of cancer vaccine

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered a key element of the body's red alert system against viruses, opening the way for a new breed of vaccine against cancer and...

Researchers modify virus to hunt down and wipe out cancer cells

Cancer Research UK scientists at the University of Leeds have developed a new way of modifying viruses to seek out and destroy cancer cells, according to research...

HPV predicts survival in tonsil and tongue cancers

When the human papillomavirus (HPV) is found in cancer tumours of the tonsil and base of the tongue, patients are more likely to survive following treatment.

Scientists engineer potential cancer treatment virus

US scientists at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre have found a way to engineer viruses so that they might one day be able to find, highlight and deliver...

Step forward for anti-cancer viruses safety

Scientists say that they have built in safeguards to anti-cancer viruses to ensure that they will only target cancerous cells.

New technique may target viral cancers

A technique that targets proteins that are only found on the surface of viruses could provide a new way to treat or even prevent cancers that are caused by viruses,...

Engineered virus could treat brain cancer

Researchers at Canada's University of Calgary have engineered a virus so that it might one day be used to treat glioma.