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Scientists crack the code to tamoxifen resistance

Scientists crack the code to tamoxifen resistance

Blocking key cell component could make 'smart drugs' effective for many cancer patients

Cancer Research UK scientists at Newcastle University and researchers based at Harvard University have found that blocking a key component of the DNA repair process could...

CRT and AstraZeneca form major alliance to create cancer metabolism drugs

Cancer Research UKїs commercialisation and development arm, Cancer Research Technology (CRT), today announced it has teamed up with biopharmaceutical business, AstraZeneca...

Sea sponge drug may extend advanced breast cancer survival

A new drug, based on a natural extract from sea sponge, may help to extend the lives of women with advanced breast cancer, UK scientists have found.

Surprising discovery could help scientists refine treatment for advanced melanoma

A team of UK scientists has made the unexpected discovery that drugs which target a well known fault in a protein called BRAF could actually fuel the progression of cancer...

CRT, Newcastle University and KuDOS advance DNA-PK research with a new licence

Cancer Research Technology Limited (CRT) has licensed the rights to its DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK)* inhibitor programme to collaboration partner KuDOS...

Master switch’ experimental drug could treat different cancers

A unique multi-target experimental drug could treat a range of cancer types, according to research published in Clinical Cancer Research today.

New drug for inherited breast and ovarian cancers shows promise in early trials

A new experimental drug called a PARP inhibitor, has shown promising results against some inherite cancers.

UK-NZ collaboration to home in on new anti-cancer drug for leukaemia

Cancer Research Technology (CRT) - Cancer Research UK's development and commercialisation arm has teamed up with The University of Auckland to advance the discovery of new...

Deal struck for new investigational anti-cancer drug to target leukaemia and lymphoma

CANCER RESEARCH UK and Cancer Research Technology (CRT), the charityїs development and commercialisation arm, are to undertake a phase I clinical trial of an...