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Tobacco Control

13 things that shaped our campaign for standardised cigarette packaging

In May 2012 – facing widespread post-recession cynicism about the future of public health policy – the Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr Margaret Chan...

Experts want a tobacco-free world in 25 years

Experts have called for a global campaign that could lead to a tobacco-free world by 2040.

National No Smoking Day: Gower’s story

Smoking is the leading preventable cause of cancer worldwide. But today is National No Smoking day, and a time to focus on quitting.

We know quitting can be hard...

Tackling tobacco use on all fronts

We all know smoking is terrible for your health. Tobacco is the biggest preventable cause of cancer worldwide. And last week our new statistics showed that, if we don’t do...

How the NHS could improve cancer survival over the next five years

Last Friday was the deadline to submit evidence to NHS England’s Cancer Taskforce – and we, like many others, put in a response. Read what it included.

MPs vote ‘yes’ to standardised tobacco packaging in UK

Plain, standardised packaging for tobacco products will be on the shelves across the UK next year.

NHS Stop Smoking Services continue to save lives

Stop Smoking Services run by the NHS in England saved as many as 18,000 lives in a year.

Tobacco industry legal action ‘unlikely to succeed’ against standard packs

Claims that the tobacco industry will be able to sue the Government over standardised cigarette packaging are "ludicrous and unjustified".

Tobacco goes out of sight as shop keepers admit to little profit from cigs

Retailers are preparing to end years of openly-displayed tobacco on their shelves, with nearly all acknowleding they made little profit from tobacco.

Ireland votes to bring in standardised tobacco packs

Ireland has become the first country in Europe to introduce plain, standardised packaging for cigarettes.