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Shisha pipes expose users to carcinogenic benzene

US scientists have found people who smoke tobacco with shisha pipes are exposed to higher levels of a carcinogenic chemical called benzene.

Bangladeshis unaware of mouth cancer risk - Cancer Research UK

Many Bangladeshis in the UK are unaware that smoking or chewing tobacco or betel quid increase the risk of developing mouth cancer - according to a new survey from the...

Betel-nut chewers with faulty gene have higher risk of mouth cancer

Some people who chew betel nut may be genetically more prone to mouth cancer, a new report in the British Journal of Cancer reveals1.

Smokeless tobacco 'snus' linked to pancreatic cancer

New research has shown that users of Swedish "snus" - an oral, smokeless tobacco - are twice as likely to contract pancreatic cancer as people who have never smoked.

852 million people use tobacco products worldwide

Despite efforts to control the use of tobacco, it is still consumed by 852 million people worldwide, according to US researchers.