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Testicular Cancer

Men with early stage testicular cancer could avoid potentially harmful monitoring scans

Men who have had treatment for early stage testicular cancer could benefit from fewer monitoring scans, reducing their exposure to harmful radiation.

Vigorous exercise reduces tiredness in testicular cancer survivors

High intensity interval training reduces tiredness and improves self-esteem for testicular cancer survivors.

‘I constantly see research improving outcomes for patients’ – Richard’s story

Three years ago, Richard was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and was treated with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Our milestones: Cisplatin – the story of a platinum-selling life-saver

This entry is part 23 of 23 in the series Our milestones

In the latest in Our Milestones series, we go back to the 1970s to look at how Cancer Research UK scientists...

Aspirin could combat permanent hearing loss caused by cancer drug

Cancer Research UK has launched a new trial to see if high doses of aspirin might help avoid hearing loss in patients given the drug cisplatin.

"More research needed" over testicular cancer cannabis link

A US study has suggested that the risk of testicular cancer appears to be higher among men who smoke cannabis, particularly those who use the drug regularly or have been...

'Evolutionary trade-off' links testicular cancer to tanning response

A DNA variation linked to testicular cancer may have emerged because it also helps protect light-skinned people from sun damage.

Fertility boost for testicular cancer patients

The vast majority of men who try to have a family, following treatment for testicular cancer, are able to father children - according to a report published today in the...

Testicular trial puts PET scanner to the test

The world's largest trial to see if a new scanner can improve treatment for testicular cancer patients has been launched by Cancer Research UK.

World Cup warning for top teams' tackle

Men from Europe's top footballing nations are at least five times more likely to get testicular cancer than those from World Cup hosts Japan and South Korea.