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‘Having cancer makes my work even more meaningful’ – Emma’s story

Emma Shanks studies cancer at our Beatson Institute in Glasgow.

But 13 years ago, she got an unexpected and unwelcome insight into the disease: she was diagnosed...

The five faces of prostate cancer?

For a long time, cancer was believed to be one disease. But as our understanding has grown over the last 20 years, so has our awareness of its complexity.

We now...

‘Johns Hopkins’ cancer update emails are a hoax

About a decade ago – back in the dark ages before social media took off – various versions of an email started circulating.

Purporting to be a “Cancer Update from...

Raising awareness of cancer clinical trials

We feature three personal stories about cancer clinical trials, showing the vital role they play in developing news ways to treat cancer.

‘It seemed like the surgery had never happened’ – Rosa’s story

In the third in our series of guest posts from our Cancer Campaigns Ambassadors, Rosa Macpherson shares her personal story

My role as independent chair of the Cancer Strategy Taskforce

Alongside my role as Cancer Research UK’s chief executive, I am honoured to have been invited to be the independent chair of a Task Force to plot how the country can best...

The Enemy Within – 50 years of fighting cancer

Cancer has always been with us, affecting our species for many thousands of years. For most of that time there was little we could do in the face of such a powerful...

Our highlights from 2014

It’s been a busy year for us here at Cancer Research UK. We launched a brand new strategy that sets out our vision for the next few years, building on our work in 2014....

A conference to keep cancer on the political agenda

The run up to Christmas is turning out to be a busy time for cancer and medical research policy. After science and the NHS took key billing at the Chancellor’s Autumn...

Wising up on older people and cancer

Around two in every hundred of the UK’s over-75s are diagnosed with cancer each year. And this accounts for around a third of the nation’s new cancer cases e