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Why are cancer rates increasing?

UK cancer rates are increasing. But why? As we publish new stats on ‘lifetime risk’, we look at why rates on the up, and what needs to be done.

Cancer ‘mainly bad luck’? An unfortunate and distracting headline

What causes cancer? It’s a simple question to ask, and – in so many ways – one of the hardest to answer.

And last week, as 2015 slowly got into gear and many of us...

600,000 preventable cancers – the size of the healthy living prize

Today we released new data highlighting what a real difference collective action on public health could make.

No, sunbathing is NOT a ‘great new way to lose weight’

Research published today about sun, weight and diabetes has made for some worrying, or even misleading, headlines.  While we all need some sun to make vitamin D, we also...

10 tips to keep the children healthy this summer holiday

Summer is officially here and so too are summer holidays.

But keeping children healthy as well as entertained can be a daunting task. It’s often tempting to order...

Will I burn? Our new online app helps you predict today’s sunburn risk

When the sun is strong, it’s important to be SunSmart, by finding a shady spot, covering up with clothes and using sunscreen to protect ourselves from sunburn and skin...

New clues to skin cancer development show sunscreen is not enough

Scientists have shown that sunscreen cannot be relied upon alone to prevent malignant melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer.

Sunscreen brands fail protection test, says consumer watchdog

Three sunscreens from popular brands do not provide the protection they claim, according to tests by consumer watchdog Which?

Personalised lung cancer treatment, skin cancer, and our new strategy

We hear about a groundbreaking new clinical trial for lung cancer, rising skin cancer rates, and our new 5-year research strategy. 

Mapping cancer risks – what can (and can’t) it tell us?

For centuries humans have used maps to chart the world around us. As well as capturing the planet’s geography, they can also help us make sense of the lives