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Are differences in treatment driving variation in ovarian cancer survival internationally?

The latest ovarian cancer data from the ICBP reveals that while more people are surviving their cancer, there’s still a long way to go.

UK public urged to take care this summer as around 40% spending more time in the sun since COVID-19 lockdown

New figures from Cancer Research UK and NIVEA SUN suggest that people are not protecting themselves properly from the sun in the UK.

44% rise in patients waiting for tests to diagnose bowel, stomach, bladder and oesophageal cancer

55,500 more people are waiting to get tests used to diagnose four common cancers compared to last year.

Cervical cancer progress falters as screening uptake hits record lows

Cervical cancer rates in Britain halved between the late 1980s and mid-2000s - but new CRUK figures warn that progress has since been stalling and stagnating.

Womb cancer stats reveal treatment variation across England

Our new stats show a staggering variation in treatment plans for women diagnosed with womb cancer across England.

Record numbers beating breast cancer in the UK

More than 130,000 UK breast cancer deaths have been avoided in the last 30 years, according to our new analysis published to mark breast cancer awareness month.

Measuring up: how does the UK compare internationally on cancer survival?

New survival figures have revealed some encouraging trends around the world. But they also highlight how much progress still needs to be made in the UK.

Science Surgery: ‘Does cancer attack every age group?’

Cancer can affect any age group but we see many more cases in older people.

Obese people outnumber smokers two to one

People who are obese now outnumber people who smoke two to one in the UK, and excess weight trumps smoking as the leading cause of four different cancer types.

Almost half of people diagnosed with cancer find it hard to ask for help, as many fear being pitied

According to new research published by Race for Life today, nearly half (47%) of people diagnosed with cancer said they found it hard to ask for help.