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Signs And Symptoms

Doctor and dad duo design new 'cancer maps' to aid diagnosis

A GP and his dad have invented a new online mind-mapping tool for doctors that aims to help GPs speed up cancer diagnosis

More women than men are diagnosed with bowel cancer as an emergency despite extra GP visits

More than a third of women with bowel cancer in England were diagnosed after an emergency hospital visit compared to less than a third of men.

There’s more to emergency diagnoses than GPs ‘failing cancer patients’

We look at headlines claiming GPs are ‘failing an estimated 32,000 cancer patients a year’ in England.

Live from inside the human body: robots, blue dye and bowel cancer

In a world first, we've just broadcast a colonoscopy live on TV with Channel 4 to demystify and take the fear out of this procedure.

Helping patients get the right cancer test first time, and faster

A series of projects are testing a new way to potentially diagnose some cancers earlier, we take a look at how the approach might work.

Mouth cancer rates soar over 20 years

A new Cancer Research UK analysis reveals that rates of mouth (oral) cancer have jumped by 68 per cent in the UK over the last 20 years.

One in six women diagnosed with breast cancer have a symptom other than a lump

Around one in six women diagnosed with breast cancer go to their doctor with a symptom other than a lump – the most commonly reported breast cancer symptom.

1 in 5 emergency bowel cancer patients had symptoms before diagnosis

Around one in five bowel cancer patients diagnosed after an emergency presentation have displayed at least one cancer ‘alarm symptom’ leading up to diagnosis.

Strengthening the foundations for early detection

We look over exciting early-stage research looking to detect cancer, or changes that may lead to cancer, early.

More than a million could be living with undiagnosed lung or heart diseases

As many as 1.7 million people in the UK could be living with undiagnosed lung cancer, lung disease or heart disease, according to Public Health England.