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Side Effects

Science Surgery: ‘Does cancer affect the future development of children?’

Our latest Science Surgery instalment answers the question, ‘Does cancer affect the future development of children?’

High-tech scans spare lymphoma patients intensive chemo

Hodgkin lymphoma patients can be spared the serious side effects of chemotherapy thanks to high-tech scans that can predict the outcome of treatment.

Test could spare breast cancer patients unnecessary chemotherapy

A gene test may improve the way doctors treating women with early-stage breast cancer identify those who can safely avoid post-surgery chemotherapy.

Scientists identify genetic markers for common side-effect of taxane chemotherapy

US scientists have identified genetic markers associated with a common side-effect of taxane-based chemotherapy called peripheral neuropathy.

Confusing leaflets put patients off medication

Patients could stop taking their medicine if the risks of possible side effects are not clearly explained - says a study published in the British Journal of Health...

Study finds cancer patients may face increased risk of food-borne illness listeria

People with cancer face an increased risk of developing the food-borne illness listeria, scientists have reported.

Microscopic envelopes deliver drug to tumours

Molecular envelopes could be used to deliver an anticancer drug to tumours with fewer side effects than the drug alone, a report in the British Journal of Cancer1 reveals...

Scientists uncover reason for second cancers after targeted melanoma treatment

An international study has uncovered how secondary skin cancers sometimes develop in malignant melanoma patients who are treated with an experimental drug.

Complementary medicine could hinder cancer treatment

Cancer patients who use herbal remedies and health supplements during conventional treatment may risk dangerous side effects, according to a new report published today in...

CBT is effective for menopausal symptoms after breast cancer treatment

Research funded by Cancer Research UK suggests that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help women who have had breast cancer treatment manage the common side-effects...