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Side Effects

High-tech scans spare lymphoma patients intensive chemo

Hodgkin lymphoma patients can be spared the serious side effects of chemotherapy thanks to high-tech scans that can predict the outcome of treatment.

Test could spare breast cancer patients unnecessary chemotherapy

A gene test may improve the way doctors treating women with early-stage breast cancer identify those who can safely avoid post-surgery chemotherapy.

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer raises heart risk

Men who are given hormone therapy for advanced prostate cancer face an increased risk of heart problems, UK scientists have found.

New technique reduces side effects for breast cancer patients

A new technique significantly reduces the side effects of breast cancer surgery, scientists report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology today [1].

Benefits 'far outweigh' reported side-effects of chemotherapy drug

Research which suggests a chemotherapy drug used to treat cancer patients can cause serious brain damage needs to be put into context, it has been asserted.

Postponing surgery reduces long term side effects for children with kidney cancer

Children given chemotherapy before surgery to treat the most common form of childhood kidney cancer, called Wilms' tumour, require less treatment and experience fewer long...

Child cancer survivors face increased cancer risk later in life

People who survived cancer during childhood continue to have a slightly higher risk of developing cancer throughout their lifetime, a Danish study has found.

Diving treatment offers new hope for cancer patients

Decompression chambers, used to treat deep-sea divers with the bends, may hold the key to relieving painful side effects of breast cancer treatment.

US discovery could lead to better radiotherapy with fewer side effects

US scientists have found that blocking a particular biological pathway can protect healthy cells from the damaging effect of radiotherapy, while also promoting the death...

Hormone treatment could cut need for chemo in some younger breast cancer patients

Around 5,500 pre-menopausal patients could be offered a hormone drug that is shown to be as effective as traditional chemotherapy - and so avoid potential infertility and...