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Secondhand Smoke

UK smoking rate nears record low

Fewer people than almost ever before are smoking in the UK, encouraging figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirm.Fewer people than almost e

England smoking ban cuts children hospital admissions

The law making it illegal to smoke in public indoor places saw 11,000 fewer children being admitted to hospital each year.

Ban on smoking in cars with children

Smoking in cars carrying children will soon become illegal in England.

Cars carrying children to become smoke-free

New legislation has been announced that will make it illegal to smoke in a vehicle that is carrying a child.

E-cigarettes 'help smokers cut down and quit', analysis suggests

A combined analysis of studies into e-cigarettes shows they can be useful in helping people to quit or cut down on smoking

European politicians back laws to put off young smokers

European MPs are backing a law aimed at putting young people off smoking by making the habit less attractive.

Passive smoking 'causes one in 100 deaths worldwide'

Around 603,000 people, including 165,000 children, die each year as a result of passive smoking, according to World Health Organisation scientists.

Smoke-free legislation reduces childhood asthma hospital admissions

The ban on smoking in July 2007 has led to a drop in children being admitted to hospital for asthma in England.

Second hand smoke exposure slashed after three months of smokefree England

Hospitality workers' exposure to harmful second hand smoke has fallen by 95 per cent since smokefree workplaces were introduced in England on 1 July 2007, according to new...

Going out will be more enjoyable once England stubs out

Over two thirds of people say going out will be more enjoyable when England goes smokefree in July, according to a Cancer Research UK survey.