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Scans Imaging

‘Unacceptable’ UK variation in waiting times for radiology results

A ‘chronic’ shortage of radiologists is causing wide variation in waiting times for x-ray and scan results, experts claim. 

Professor John Griffiths receives European Magnetic Resonance Award

Dr John Griffiths, a Cancer Research UK-funded scientist, has received the 2010 European Magnetic Resonance Award for Basic Sciences.

Brain scans could diagnose and monitor glioma brain tumours

Research into the most common type of brain tumour has uncovered a way to monitor the disease using the latest imaging technologies.

London researchers pioneer MRI technique to detect ovarian chemo benefits

Researchers in London have used a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique - called 'diffusion-weighted' MRI - to determine whether women with late-stage ovarian cancer...

Spiral CT screening of heavy smokers could decrease lung cancer death rates

Heavy smokers who have lung cancer screening with low-dose 'spiral' chest CT scans appear to be less likely to die from the disease.

MRI scans 'shouldn't guide treatment decisions for early-stage breast cancer patients'

 MRI may not be the most appropriate way to assess women with early-stage breast cancer, a surgeon at University College Dublin has said.

Body's baking soda used to catch cancer early

A chemical commonly called baking soda which is found naturally in the body could be used to detect cancer with magnetic resonance imaging, reveals a Cancer Research UK...

New cancer imaging technique uses vitamin C to detect more aggressive tumours

Cancer Research UK scientists have developed a new imaging technique that uses vitamin C to detect cancers likely to be more aggressive or resistant to treatment.

Scientists reveal best imaging technique for ovarian cancer

Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have determined that a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique, which measures the movement of water molecules within the tumour,...

New imaging technique reveals if breast cancer treatments are working

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have developed a new imaging technique that can show when breast cancer treatment is working, weeks before current methods. The research is...