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Blood protein might indicate early-stage lung cancer

Researchers have identified a protein in blood taken from lung cancer patients that appears to be absent in blood from people who do not have the disease.

Gene fault leads to 'much nastier' lung cancer

US researchers studying the genetics of lung cancer in mice have found one of the genes that can lead to highly aggressive disease.

Allergy drug could fight pancreatic cancer

A widely-used anti-allergy drug could also prove successful in fighting pancreatic cancer, researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in the US have claimed.

Lung cancer blood test 'at an early stage'

Measuring the levels of four blood proteins could provide the basis for a new test for patients at risk of lung cancer, researchers have said.

DNA fault may allow detection of 'early-onset' bowel cancer

Researchers have found a genetic abnormality that may one day provide a way of warning patients that they may have bowel cancer.

Researchers identify location of breast density genes

US scientists have identified a region of the human genome that is associated with having denser breast tissue, a known risk factor for breast cancer.

Omega-3 diet may slow prostate cancer growth

Eating plenty of foods which contain omega-3 fatty acids could help to improve the outlook for men who are genetically prone to developing prostate cancer, researchers...

Major study suggests 'squirting' as key to cancer's spread

Researchers may be a step closer to solving the mystery of how cancer cells can split away from a tumour and spread to other parts of the body, a report in the journal...

Scientists find more evidence for inherited lung cancer risk

Japanese researchers say that they have identified more evidence of an inherited risk of lung cancer.

Promising anti-cancer drug trial launched

An innovative drug with a new mechanism of action that may be effective against a range of cancers will enter the first phase of clinical trials, it was announced today at...