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Scientists find potential signal of aggressive prostate cancer

Australian researchers have discovered a marker which could provide an early-warning that prostate cancer patients have an aggressive form of the disease.

Mould by-product could lead to new myeloma drug

Researchers have found that chaetocin, a by-product of a common wood mould, could provide the starting point for the development of new treatments for multiple myeloma, a...

Newcastle scientists host top conference in Gateshead

Newcastle scientists will play host to an international audience of researchers and doctors at a major conference in Gateshead from 5-7 October 2005.

Scientists make leukaemia treatment advance

UK researchers have developed an experimental drug that appears to be up to ten times more effective at killing leukaemia cells than existing treatments.

Birmingham researchers use new approach to 'break the code' for liver cancer tests

Scientists at Birmingham University are using cutting edge technologies to move closer to a blood test that will improve early diagnosis of liver cancer in high risk...

Statins not linked to breast cancer claim researchers

New research has failed to find any increased risk of breast cancer among women taking statins, a class of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Research discovers immune system generator cells

Australian researchers have discovered a new type of cell thought to be important in maintaining the body's immune system, a finding that could have a long-term impact on...

Colon cancer risks linked to obesity says research

Large waist measurements and waist-to-hip ratios are linked to increased risks of colon cancer in both men and women, German researchers have claimed.

'Electric hole-punch' could fight cancer

A new technique developed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, kills cancer cells by punching holes in their membranes with microsecond pulses of...

Researchers close in on laser-based skin cancer scanner

US scientists are developing an imaging technique which could one day allow skin cancer to be detected without having to carry out a biopsy.