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PACCAR and Cancer Research UK unveil advanced diagnostic laboratory in Manchester

Cancer Research UK opens its new PACCAR Laboratory at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research in Manchester today. Researchers in the new lab will focus on turning...

Huge study finds no link between night shift work and cancer

Working night shifts on a regular basis does not increase the risk of developing cancer, researchers have said.

Gold-studded microcapsule could lead to targeted chemotherapy

Researchers in Germany have developed a tiny microcapsule studded with gold nanoparticles that can release substances inside a tumour cell when hit with a laser impulse....

Gene fault leads to 'much nastier' lung cancer

US researchers studying the genetics of lung cancer in mice have found one of the genes that can lead to highly aggressive disease.

Allergy drug could fight pancreatic cancer

A widely-used anti-allergy drug could also prove successful in fighting pancreatic cancer, researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in the US have claimed.

Lung cancer blood test 'at an early stage'

Measuring the levels of four blood proteins could provide the basis for a new test for patients at risk of lung cancer, researchers have said.

DNA fault may allow detection of 'early-onset' bowel cancer

Researchers have found a genetic abnormality that may one day provide a way of warning patients that they may have bowel cancer.

HRT study provides more evidence of bowel cancer risk reduction

Researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health found have found more evidence that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may reduce a woman's risk of bowel...

Researchers find signposts to prostate cancer

A US research team has identified genetic markers that may lead to a more reliable test for prostate cancer in the future.

Why politicians need to prepare for the challenges of cancer in 2020

Today, Friday September 22nd, sees polititians and policy-makers, cancer clinicians, patients and researchers come together for the fifth Scotland Against Cancer...