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Nanoparticles could monitor cancer progress

US researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are developing tiny particles that could "stick" to cancer cells and cause them to show up on MRI scans...

"Ruined" experiment could lead to new cancer treatment

US researchers who thought that an experiment was ruined when they found that carefully cultivated cells had died, may have stumbled on a possible new cancer treatment....

Genetic test developed for gastrointestinal cancers

A simple genetic test could be used to distinguish between two near-identical gastrointestinal cancers that nonetheless require very different treatments, say researchers...

Professor John Griffiths receives European Magnetic Resonance Award

Dr John Griffiths, a Cancer Research UK-funded scientist, has received the 2010 European Magnetic Resonance Award for Basic Sciences.

Herceptin improves some breast cancer survival rates

Around 25 per cent of breast cancer patients can benefit from herceptin for at least two years of treatment, researchers at London's Royal Marsden hospital have said.

Experimental MS drug may also treat leukaemia

A drug currently being tested as a treatment for multiple sclerosis may one day prove useful in treating certain forms of leukaemia as well.

New advance in targeted chemo

Researchers are developing a new way of targeting cancer cells with chemotherapy while leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

Nobel prize winner to help interview top Chinese cancer researchers

Cancer Research UKїs Dr Tim Hunt, the Nobel Prize winning scientist, arrives in Beijing today with colleagues from the charity and leading Chinese cancer experts to award...

Trial suggests role for lapatinib in 'inflammatory' breast cancer

Results of a preliminary trial suggest that lapatinib (Tykerb) could be used to treat the rare 'inflammatory' breast cancer (IBC), researchers have said.

Scientists take the first step to targeted treatment for stomach cancer

Researchers have identified a protein that plays an important role in the development of stomach cancers and that could one day be a target for new treatments for the...