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Scientists uncover virus's role in skin cancer

Researchers are a step closer to understanding how the HPV virus1 might play a role in the development of some cases of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC).

Fruit and veg pigments may provide bowel cancer protection

Anthocyanins - the compounds that give many fruits and vegetables their distinctive red, purple or blue colouring - can slow the growth of bowel cancer cells in the...

Cell regulator recruited to fight cancer

One of the body's key mechanisms for regulating the lives and deaths of individual cells could be exploited to develop new cancer treatments, US researchers have found....

Hormone found to influence breast cancer development

Italian researchers have found that the hormone leptin, which is produced by fat tissue, significantly influences the development and progression of breast cancer in mice...

Male smokers and drinkers at greatest bowel cancer risk, says study

Male smokers and drinkers appear to develop bowel cancer at an earlier age than others, US researchers have claimed, in a new study published in the archives of internal...

Breast cancer blood test 'remains on the horizon'

Researchers at the University of Southampton have identified proteins in blood samples taken from 30,000 women which might indicate the presence of breast cancer.

New initiative to improve cancer research communication

A new website has been launched that should help to improve communication between cancer researchers, doctors and patients across Europe.

Cancer patients underestimate effect of cancer on their children

Researchers have found that children with a parent who has recently been diagnosed with cancer can experience post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS), and that parents often...

Cancer Research UK welcomes study into RNA test for mouth cancer

News that American researchers are developing a saliva test for mouth cancer has been welcomed by Cancer Research UK.

New scan could predict response to brain cancer treatment

A new type of brain scan could tell doctors whether or not a cancer treatment is working weeks earlier than is currently possible, researchers report in the British...