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Ovarian cancer driven by fallopian tube development protein

Ovarian cancer may be driven by the same natural process that causes women's fallopian tubes to develop, US researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have said...

Smoking death risks significantly reduced within five years of quitting

Women who quit smoking have about a 20 percent lower risk of death from smoking-related cancers within five years of quitting, as well as a substantially reduced risk of...

Scorpion-based 'tumour paint' may help brain surgeons identify cancer cells

Researchers have developed a 'tumour paint' which, when injected, could make it easier for surgeons to tell the difference between cancerous and healthy tissue.

Research reveals possible cancer role for YAP gene

Researchers have identified a new role for a known gene, pointing to its possible involvement in the development of breast, liver and other types of cancer.

Scientists close to finding melanoma gene

Researchers believe they are close to discovering a gene that may help to explain why some people are more at risk of developing melanoma - the deadliest form of skin...

Heart drug may cut cancer risks finds study

People using a class of heart drug known as ACE-inhibitors to lower their blood pressure have "significantly" reduced risks of pancreatic, bowel and oesophageal cancers,...

Anaemia treatment gives cancer patients new lease of life

A treatment that tackles anaemia in cancer patients can help boost their energy levels and significantly improve their quality of life, researchers reveal in the British...

Food, drug interactions may increase effectiveness of therapy

Cancer researchers have proposed that foods which affect the absorption of anti-cancer drugs may be used to increase the drugs' effectiveness.

Researchers identify breast cancer risk gene

Inheriting a damaged version of a gene called CHK2 nearly doubles a woman's chance of developing breast cancer, Cancer Research UK scientists report in Nature Genetics....

Stomach cancer genes identified

Irish researchers have identified two genes that appear to be involved in the development of stomach cancer.