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Breast cancer blood test 'remains on the horizon'

Researchers at the University of Southampton have identified proteins in blood samples taken from 30,000 women which might indicate the presence of breast cancer.

New initiative to improve cancer research communication

A new website has been launched that should help to improve communication between cancer researchers, doctors and patients across Europe.

Cancer patients underestimate effect of cancer on their children

Researchers have found that children with a parent who has recently been diagnosed with cancer can experience post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS), and that parents often...

Cancer Research UK welcomes study into RNA test for mouth cancer

News that American researchers are developing a saliva test for mouth cancer has been welcomed by Cancer Research UK.

Researchers target cancer in the Irish community

A new study funded by Cancer Research UK and the Medical Research Council aims to find out why Britain's Irish population have higher cancer rates than the rest of the...

Western habits fuelling Korean cancer rise claim scientists

Korean researchers have suggested that the country's increasingly western lifestyle is linked to its rising rates of cancer, particularly breast cancer.

Local researchers look to improve treatment for lung cancer patients

Doctors from around the UK are taking part in one of the world's largest lung cancer clinical trials investigating how a blood thinning drug might help prevent blood clots...

Scientists discover genes that slow ageing but also protect against cancer

A person's risk of developing cancer increases with age, but researchers have now found that certain genes are capable both of delaying ageing, and of protecting against...

US researchers pinpoint inherited pancreatic cancer gene

Researchers have discovered that inheriting a faulty copy of a gene called Palladin can cause familial pancreatic cancer.

Attaching nanoparticles to blood cells may improve drug delivery

In a discovery that might one day improve delivery of cancer drugs within the body, US researchers have found they can increase the lifetime of nanoparticles circulating...