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Scientists uncover virus's role in skin cancer

Researchers are a step closer to understanding how the HPV virus1 might play a role in the development of some cases of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC).

Fruit and veg pigments may provide bowel cancer protection

Anthocyanins - the compounds that give many fruits and vegetables their distinctive red, purple or blue colouring - can slow the growth of bowel cancer cells in the...

Cell regulator recruited to fight cancer

One of the body's key mechanisms for regulating the lives and deaths of individual cells could be exploited to develop new cancer treatments, US researchers have found....

Attaching nanoparticles to blood cells may improve drug delivery

In a discovery that might one day improve delivery of cancer drugs within the body, US researchers have found they can increase the lifetime of nanoparticles circulating...

Scientists identify brain cancer 'switch'

Researchers at The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the US have found that a gene involved in brain development may also play a role in the growth of types of brain tumours...

Study finds 'wandering' cells in early-stage breast cancer

Researchers have found that some early-stage breast tumours may already contain cells that are able to move around, even though the tumours have not yet spread to the...

Modified cold virus kills cancer cells

The cold virus could be exploited to treat cancer, researchers from Birmingham University have said.

Screening diabetics could spot pancreatic cancer early, say US researchers

A new US study of people with pancreatic cancer has found that 40 per cent of those taking part had been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes prior to being diagnosed with...

Experimental drug causes cell death in prostate cancer

An experimental drug that blocks the breakdown of a compound derived from vitamin A could one day provide a new treatment for prostate cancer, researchers have said.

Researchers target cancer in the Irish community

A new study funded by Cancer Research UK and the Medical Research Council aims to find out why Britain's Irish population have higher cancer rates than the rest of the...