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Liquorice extract could be used in new liver cancer drugs

Extracts of liquorice could prove useful add-ons to chemotherapy drugs for liver cancer, say researchers in China.

Edinburgh scientists breed zebrafish with 'melanoma gene'

Researchers at Edinburgh University have engineered zebrafish to carry a version of a gene, B-Raf, which is associated with malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of...

Study finds little benefit from breast self-exams, but being 'breast-aware' is vital

The practice of regularly self-examining to check for breast lumps or other possible signs of breast cancer may not actually reduce the number of deaths from the disease,...

Arthritis drug cancer risk downgraded

Researchers have downgraded the reported cancer risks associated with two rheumatoid arthritis drugs.

Researchers reveal soya's effects on breast tissue

Eating a diet rich in soya products such as tofu can affect the make-up of breast tissue, potentially reducing the risk of breast cancer, according to a new study1 from...

Breast cancer blood test in development say researchers

Scientists are in the early stages of developing a blood test that could eventually be used to detect breast cancer.

Researchers find clues to improve breast cancer survival

Checking lymph nodes during surgery and assessing the hormone status of tumours could help improve breast cancer survival in the UK, according to research published today...

Aromatase inhibitors improve breast cancer prospects says study

Breast cancer patients who switch from the current standard treatment to new aromatase-inhibitor drugs have a higher chance of long-term survival, say researchers.

Parents need help in explaining cancer to children say researchers

Children may have a far greater awareness of cancer than adults assume, say researchers who have conducted a small-scale study on parents with recently diagnosed cancer....

Mathematical model predicts breast tumours grow faster in younger women

Norwegian researchers have published details of a new estimation method, which can be used to estimate the rate of growth of breast tumours among a population.