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Simple test predicts return of bladder cancer

Scientists have devised a simple test for an earlier and more accurate warning of returning bladder cancer than existing methods.

8 new challenges between us and beating cancer

We launch phase 2 of our Grand Challenge with 8 of the biggest questions in cancer research.

Cancer Research UK sets out latest £20m Grand Challenges to beat cancer sooner

Cancer Research UK launches the second phase of its global Grand Challenge, with eight new questions identified as some of the biggest barriers to progress.

Blood test could help personalise treatment for advanced prostate cancer

Scientists have developed a blood test that could help doctors select the best treatment for men with aggressive prostate cancer.

News digest – smoking rates falling, aspirin risks, breast cancer drug U-turn and… ‘tanning drugs’?

Smoking rates falling, aspirin has risks as well as benefits, breast cancer drug U-turn in England and… what's behind the talk of ‘tanning drugs’? Here's our weekly news...

Certain genetic faults could help predict success of immunotherapy

A certain group of genetic faults could be used to help predict if immunotherapy will work in cancer patients, according to a new US study.

Science Snaps: a fly on the wall of cancer research

We find out about what fruit flies have to teach us about how to fight cancer.

Possible target for treating breast cancer that’s spread to brain found in mice

A molecule that could help tackle a certain type of breast cancer after it has spread to the brain has been identified in mice, according to a new study.

Report reveals benefits of EU-UK medical research partnerships

A new report reveals that partnerships between UK and EU medical researchers have increased the value of research, benefiting patients across Europe

Behind the scenes with the unsung heroes of cancer clinical trials – Part 4

We speak to Jane Hair, a biobanker involved in the National Lung Matrix Trial, about what her job involves.