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Research And Trials

No link between vitamin D levels and prostate cancer

Vitamin D levels do not affect men's chances of developing prostate cancer, according to new research published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control.

Research spend on cancer doubles within a decade and the most fatal cancers see investment

Partners of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) spent more than Ј500m on cancer research last year, nearly double the amount spent almost ten years ago,...

Targeting protein could lead to new treatments for mouth cancer

A protein that is overactive in mouth cancers and encourages tumours to grow could be a target for new treatments for the disease.

Study shows starving cancer cells of key nutrient slows tumour growth

Depriving cancer cells of a key amino acid dramatically cuts their ability to grow and multiply, according to a new Cancer Research UK study published in Nature.

Wandering breast cancer cells can stay dormant for decades

A provocative new theory that breast cancer cells can self-seed by wandering off round the body and returning to the primary tumour, or can stay in the body for several...

Call for nominations as Cancer Research UK announce new prestigious awards

Cancer Research UK today (Tuesday) announced the launch of three new prestigious awards that will recognise world leading cancer researchers and the scientists of tomorrow...

Gene discovery could lead to new treatments for childhood cancer

Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have identified two genes linked to Wilms' tumour - a type of childhood kidney cancer - according to research published in Clinical...