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Red And Processed Meat

Bacon, salami and sausages: how does processed meat cause cancer and how much matters?

How does bacon cause cancer? New research shows that moderate processed and red meat eating increases bowel cancer risk.

10 health hacks to help cut cancer risk

We asked people to share tips and tricks to make being healthy a bit easier. Each of these hacks are linked to lifestyle changes that cut could cancer risk.

Wholegrains and bowel cancer – what you need to know

Eating 90 grams of wholegrains a day reduces the risk of bowel cancer by 17%, according to a new report.

Cancer Research UK response to IARC classification of red and processed meat

Cancer Research UK responds to the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s Monograph for red and processed meat.

Scientists discover how iron levels and a faulty gene cause bowel cancer

HIGH LEVELS of iron could raise the risk of bowel cancer by switching on a key pathway in people with faults in a critical anti-cancer gene, according to a study published...

Scientists find more support for red meat cancer link

Analysis of data from a major international cancer study has uncovered more evidence of a link between a diet high in red meat and increased cancer risk.

Red and processed meat linked to increased risk of cancer death

People who regularly eat large amounts of red or processed meat appear to have a greater risk of death from cancer, US scientists have said.

Cancer charity suggests parents leave processed meat out of children's lunches

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) - an international cancer charity - has advised parents to avoid giving children ham or other processed meats as part of their packed...

'More research needed' after scientists suggest well-cooked meat affects bladder cancer risk

US scientists have suggested a link between eating well-done meat and a slightly increased risk of bladder cancer.

Govt advisers urge people to limit red and processed meat intake

A report advises people who eat high levels of red and processed meat to limit intake of the foods in order to lower risks of bowel cancer.