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Quitting Smoking

National No Smoking Day: Gower’s story

Smoking is the leading preventable cause of cancer worldwide. But today is National No Smoking day, and a time to focus on quitting.

We know quitting can be hard...

Visions for the future: Quitting smoking

In the first of a two-part series, we’ll look at how we can help more people quit smoking. In part two, we’ll look at how to make the most of the UK’s Stop Smoking...

NHS Stop Smoking Services continue to save lives

Stop Smoking Services run by the NHS in England saved as many as 18,000 lives in a year.

Anxiety & depression more common among smokers

New research shows that smokers are 70 per cent more likely to say they are anxious or depressed than non-smokers

Standard cigarette packs ‘could save 2,000 lives a year’

Standardised cigarette packs would save lives by reducing the number of people who start smoking, according a new analysis.

A marathon not swings and roundabouts: the evidence on e-cigarettes

We look over some recent research – and the subsequent media headlines – around e-cigarettes.

Why are cancer rates increasing?

UK cancer rates are increasing. But why? As we publish new stats on ‘lifetime risk’, we look at why rates on the up, and what needs to be done.

Financial incentives may boost quit rates in pregnant smokers

Pregnant women who are offered a financial incentive are more likely to quit smoking.

Cancer Research UK welcomes Government action on standardised cig packs with voter support at a high of nearly three quarters

Plain, standardised tobacco packaging is a step closer to being introduced to the UK after the Government tabled regulations tonight.

How smokers metabolise nicotine could help choose best quitting method

Measuring the rate at which smokers break down nicotine could help predict how well certain quitting methods would work for them.