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Latest press releases from Cancer Research UK, as well as the British Journal of Cancer.

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Never too late to quit: protective cells could cut risk of lung cancer for ex-smokers

Protective cells in the lungs of ex-smokers could explain why quitting smoking reduces the risk of developing lung cancer.

NHS staff shortages mean patients miss out on early bowel cancer diagnosis

Around 1,100 people in England could miss out on the chance of an early stage bowel cancer diagnosis through screening each year because of NHS staff shortages.

Cervical cancer progress falters as screening uptake hits record lows

Cervical cancer rates in Britain halved between the late 1980s and mid-2000s - but new CRUK figures warn that progress has since been stalling and stagnating.

Magnetised molecules used to monitor breast cancer

Scientists have tested a new type of scan, which reveals how aggressive a tumour is, for the first time in patients with breast cancer.

Complex innovative trials: Authors call for new guideline adoption to get medicines to patients faster

Complex Innovative Design trials could be transformed for the better, following the publication of ten recommendations in the British Journal of Cancer.