Press releases

Latest press releases from Cancer Research UK, as well as the British Journal of Cancer.

Record numbers beating breast cancer in the UK

More than 130,000 UK breast cancer deaths have been avoided in the last 30 years, according to our new analysis published to mark breast cancer awareness month.

Tasmanian devil research could help tackle immunotherapy resistance

A cluster of interacting proteins active in both human cancers and Tasmanian devil facial tumours, may give clues to how cancers evade the immune system

Cancer Research UK boost entrepreneurs in science

Cancer Research UK has announced new partnerships with DSV and Panacea to kick-start the charity’s first initiative to promote entrepreneurship

Almost a third of clothes 'hanging around' unworn in UK wardrobes

The survey, conducted by Censuswide, marks the return of TK Maxx's 'Give Up Clothes For Good' campaign.

UK improves cancer survival, but is still behind other high-income countries

Cancer survival in the UK has improved since 1995, although it still lags behind other high-income countries.