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Latest press releases from Cancer Research UK, as well as the British Journal of Cancer.

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Scientists develop approach for exploiting cancer’s dietary demands

Scientists discover a way to target cancer’s nutritional needs, which could lead to a new way to treat the disease.

Ultraviolet radiation causes rare type of eye cancer

Ultraviolet radiation can cause a rare type of eye cancer, conjunctival melanoma.

Striking differences seen in COVID-19 responses in cancer patients

A new study funded by Cancer Research UK shows that the immune response to COVID-19 is the same in people with solid tumours compared to those without cancer.

Scientists develop new drug that targets pathway found in several hard-to-treat cancers

After decades of no luck, scientists have finally found a way to target the KRAS mutation - a common mutation found in several hard-to-treat cancers.

86% of Teens Exposed to Junk Food Ads on Social Media

Young people are being exposed to junk food adverts across social media, streaming services and by celebrities and influencers