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Latest press releases from Cancer Research UK, as well as the British Journal of Cancer.

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Charity CEOs warn of irreparable damage to UK research

A crisis in charity research funding caused by the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to delay the pace of life saving discoveries.

Scientists develop next-generation immunotherapy now entering early phase clinical trials

Cancer Research UK scientists have invented a new experimental drug that aims to harness the full power of the body’s own immune system.

GPs say elderly are not seeking help for potential cancer symptoms

53% of GPs say they are concerned that fewer older adults are contacting them with symptoms compared to before the pandemic, according to new findings

Vital rethinking in cancer early detection needed to save lives

The Cancer Research UK Roadmap sets out a plan to overcome the challenges hampering early detection of cancer.

New drug targeting high-risk children’s cancer is ready for trials

A new drug that has passed safety tests in adults is likely to be effective against the aggressive childhood cancer neuroblastoma.