Press releases

Latest press releases from Cancer Research UK, as well as the British Journal of Cancer.

Almost a third of clothes 'hanging around' unworn in UK wardrobes

The survey, conducted by Censuswide, marks the return of TK Maxx's 'Give Up Clothes For Good' campaign.

UK improves cancer survival, but is still behind other high-income countries

Cancer survival in the UK has improved since 1995, although it still lags behind other high-income countries.

Overwhelming parental support for restrictions on junk food price promotions

An overwhelming majority of parents in Scotland blame price deals that offer extra items for free for tempting people to buy unhealthy food at supermarkets.

Lack of government action on NHS staffing undermines ambition to diagnose cancer early

Around 115,000 cancer patients in England are diagnosed too late to give them the best chance of survival

More than a billion fewer cigarettes smoked each year as people ditch the cigs

Around 1.4 billion fewer cigarettes are being smoked every year according to new research funded by Cancer Research UK