Penny Lancaster Stewart photographs real women to star in Cancer Research UK's 2008 breast cancer awareness campaign

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MODEL photographer Penny Lancaster Stewart has teamed up with Cancer Research UK to photograph three women who have been affected by breast cancer for the charity's 2008 breast cancer awareness campaign, It's a girl thing. The ladies, Angela Cox, Yvonne Brown and Carol Parkinson, are set to become high street stars when posters of them appear in almost 600 Cancer Research UK shop windows across the UK throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).

The women have been photographed to support Cancer Research UK's famous breast cancer awareness bath ducks. They come with information on how to be breast aware, and are a great reminder to check for anything unusual whilst you're taking a shower or a bath. This year, the ducks have been given a celebrity makeover and are designed by Sharon Osborne, Twiggy and legendary Biba designer Barbara Hulanicki. All money raised from the sale of the ducks will go to Cancer Research UK's lifesaving work to beat cancer.

Carol, Angela and Yvonne were invited to be the faces of Cancer Research UK's 2008 breast cancer awareness campaign because they all have personal experiences of the disease. Angela, 60, from Hertfordshire, was diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast in 1996, and her right breast in 2001. Her daughter Sarah, 33, had a preventative double mastectomy two years ago. Yvonne, 49, from Birmingham, was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago and cycled across India to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Carol, 39, from Belfast, who was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, is now undergoing her second round of treatment.

As an established photographer, Penny was delighted to be involved in the project. She said: "I'm really excited about working with Cancer Research UK for its breast cancer awareness campaign. I love photography so it was great to be able to use it to promote such a worthwhile cause. So many people are affected by breast cancer so I felt quite passionate about getting involved with this project. The ducks are a great idea as they encourage people to be breast aware while they’re in the bath - the perfect time to check for any changes."

As well as taking the photographs, Penny came up with the concept behind the shoot. She continued: "Yvonne, Carol and Angela have all been affected by breast cancer so I wanted the picture to reflect their strong personalities. The campaign is called It's a girl thing, so I brought a touch of glamour and fun into the shots as well. We all had a great day and I’m really pleased with the final pictures! Hopefully this will encourage women to go out and buy the ducks to show their support for Cancer Research UK."

Not only were the ladies photographed by Penny, but Trevor Sorbie, hairdresser to the stars, styled their hair for the shoot. He offers a special service to women who have experienced cancer, and said: "It was an absolute pleasure to help out with Cancer Research UK's breast cancer awareness photoshoot. I've been hairdressing for over 30 years and recently I've spent a lot of time working with women who have experienced cancer. Many women find losing their hair because of chemotherapy a particularly difficult time of their lives, so by either styling a wig for them or giving them a new look when their hair grows back, I feel really proud to be able to give something back.

"The look we were going for was glam, fun and confident and I think we've pulled this off. It's a great campaign and I'd urge everyone across the country to get involved, buy a duck, and raise as much money for Cancer Research UK's breast cancer awareness campaign as possible."

There are plenty of ways to get your hands on the celebrity designed ducks. You can drop in to one of Cancer Research UK's high street shops or visit our online shop, where the ducks are on sale for just £4.99. You can even download a super cute screensaver for your mobile phone (details in notes to editors). For those who prefer something a little more exclusive, there will be a very limited number of each duck, signed by either Sharon, Twiggy or Barbara, available to bid for on Cancer Research UK's eBay site.

Cancer Research UK is the largest single funder of breast cancer research in the UK, spending around £45 million on groundbreaking research into the disease last year. More women are now surviving the disease than ever before, with almost two-thirds of women newly diagnosed with breast cancer now likely to survive for at least 20 years.

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For interviews with Angela Cox, Yvonne Brown or Carol Parkinson, or further information about the campaign, please contact the Cancer Research UK press office on 020 7061 8300 or the out of hours duty press officer on 07050 264 059.

Notes to Editor

To receive a downloadable duck:

  • Text 'Duck T' to 63320 for Twiggy's duck
  • Text 'Duck B' to 63320 for Barbara's duck
  • Text 'Duck S' to 63320 for Sharon's duck

Texts cost £2 including VAT. Of this, a minimum of £1.23 will be received by Cancer Research UK. Standard network charges apply.

More than 45,500 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed annually in the UK, and approx 300 cases occur in men

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