Press releases

Latest press releases from Cancer Research UK, as well as the British Journal of Cancer.

Tesco Dance Beats donates £2 million for leading health charities

Tesco Dance Beats involved thousands of Tesco colleagues, members of the public, charity representatives and celebrities, raising £1 million.

Cancer Research UK and Hummingbird Bioscience join forces to advance novel antibody drug into clinical trials

Cancer Research UK and Hummingbird Bioscience announce a partnership to develop anti-HER3 antibody drug for the treatment of people with HER3 driven cancer

Highly sensitive blood test could improve breast cancer treatment

A new blood test is one of the first to successfully monitor early-stage breast cancer, and could be up to 100 times more sensitive than existing tests.

Tumour liquefying microbubbles: UK’s first convergence science centre officially launches

Using ultrasound technology to liquefy cancer cells is just one of the projects at the new £13 million Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre.

Cancer Research UK funding tops half a billion pounds

Cancer Research UK raised £540m in fundraising income in the last financial year, in one of its most successful fundraising years so far.